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Why do we pay attention to IGBT?

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IGBT is the core device of energy conversion and transmission and the "CPU" of power electronic devices.

Using IGBT for power transformation can improve the efficiency and quality of electricity use, and is featured by high efficiency, energy saving and green environment protection. It is the key supporting technology to solve the problem of energy shortage and reduce carbon emission.


Vacuum eutectic oven

Application of IGBT

Voltage distribution applications

1) new energy vehicles


IGBT module plays a vital role in electric vehicles and is the core technology component of electric vehicles and charging piles.

IGBT modules account for nearly 10% of the cost of electric vehicles and about 20% of the cost of charging piles.

IGBT is mainly applied in the following aspects in the field of electric vehicles:


A) high-power DC/AC (DC/AC) inverter of the electric control system drives the automobile motor;


B) low-power DC/AC (DC/AC) inverter of the on-board air conditioning control system, using IGBT and FRD with low current;


C) IGBT module in intelligent charging pile is used as switch element;

2) smart grid


IGBT is widely used in the generation end, transmission end, substation end and power end of smart grid:


From the power generation side, wind power generation, photovoltaic power generation rectifier and inverter need to use IGBT module.


From the point of view of the transmission end, the FACTS flexible transmission technology in uhvdc transmission requires a large number of power devices such as IGBT.


IGBT is the key component of power electronic transformer (PET).


From the electricity side, household white electricity, microwave oven, LED lighting drive, and so on have a lot of demand for IGBT.

3) rail transit

IGBT devices have become mainstream power electronic devices for traction converters and auxiliary converters of rail transit vehicles.

Ac drive technology is one of the core technologies of modern rail transit. Traction converter is a key component of ac drive system, and IGBT is one of the core components of traction converter.

Technology differences between IGBT generation

To understand this, let's look at the development of IGBT.

In practical application, the engineer found that a new power device was needed to meet the requirements of: · the drive circuit was simple to reduce the cost and switching power consumption;

The on-state pressure drop is low to reduce the power consumption of the device.

Recalling the bipolar device SCR they invented in the 1950s and 1960s,GTR and GTO have very small on-state resistances;

Current control, complex control circuit and high power consumption;

The monopole device VD-MOSFET introduced in the 1970s has a high pass resistance.

Voltage control, simple control circuit and low power consumption;

So in the 1980s, their efforts to integrate MOS with BJT led to the invention of IGBT.

Around 1985, GE successfully trial-produced industrial samples (unfortunately, they were later abandoned).

Since then, IGBT has experienced six generations of technology and process improvement.

TORCH specializes in producing IGBT vacuum welding equipment, including DBC vacuum welding furnace, IGBT vacuum sintering furnace, IGBT vacuum reflow welding equipment and so on.

We hope to use our professional technology, equipment and process to help global igbt module companies reduce costs and improve reliability.

If you are interested in our products, please visit our websitewww.torch.ccor search IGBT vacuum reflow soldering on baidu to learn about our products.

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