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How to improve the reliability of superpower lasers

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Superpower lasers are characterized by small size, light weight, high electro-optic conversion efficiency, stable performance, high reliability and long life.

At present, the low-power laser and the medium-power laser are gradually being localized, while the superpower lasers are just beginning to be localized and is accelerating.

How to improve the reliability of superpower lasers welding is an urgent technical problem.

The sharp increase of laser power will lead to the decrease of its reliability and shorten its working life.

At the same time, because the overall structure of superpower laser is more complex, it needs more reliable packaging technology.

Solder voids and other problems caused by inadequate packaging technology will greatly affect the reliability of superpower laser.

There is a great difference between superpower laser and low power laser in welding technology, especially some high power lasers have reached the height of 50nm.

At the same time, the superpower laser is mainly welded with solder plates, mostly with tin-tin and tin-silver brazing plates.

These conditions have very high requirements for welding.

Specific requirements are as follows:

1. High temperature uniformity.

Generally, it should be less than 2 degrees.

Look at the graph below to see how uniform the temperature is.


2. The cooling slope is very high.

Generally, it should reach 3-5 degrees per second. Refer to the temperature curve below.


3. Oxygen content shall be controlled at a high level and shall not fluctuate during welding.

The diagram below.


In order to ensure the reliability of superpower laser and meet the above higher level of welding technology requirements, it is understood that some enterprises and institutions in the industry have introduced vacuum reflow welding technology.

In particular, some well-known enterprises in the power laser industry have introduced the special vacuum return furnace for high power laser developed by Beijing TORCH, and achieved good results.


The picture shows the RS220 vacuum oven for the TORCH superpower laser

It is understood that TORCH vacuum reflow oven for the superpower laser of TORCH has the following advantages:

1. High temperature uniformity.

You can really get within 2 degrees.

2. High temperature and uniformity in the process of rising slope.

3. High temperature and uniformity in the process of cooling slope.

As early as 2011, TORCH developed and sold special vacuum reflow oven for RS and V series superpower lasers.

In 2014, TORCH was awarded the "national torch technology industrialization demonstration project certificate".

After five years of continuous upgrading, TORCH in superpower laser vacuum reflow welding technology is becoming more and more mature, can completely replace the German ATV vacuum vacuum reflow oven.

At present, it has been successfully applied by many famous domestic enterprises in the field of high power laser.

TORCH is one of the earliest and most professional vacuum welding equipment enterprises in China.

The company completed the shareholding reform on November 5, 2015.

It is also the only enterprise whose sales volume of vacuum eutectic oven is comparable to that of the United States and Germany.

We hope to contribute to the localization of superpower laser with the technology, equipment and technology we have mastered.

If you are interested in our products, please visit our websitewww.torch.ccor search

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