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UVLED is mainly used in various bands

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UVA(405-315nm) : ink printing, electronic PCB, floor paint, decoration, home appliances, optical fiber, automobile, ore identification, stage decoration, banknote inspection, etc.

UVA light curing principle: add light initiator in a specially formulated resin (or photosensitizer), after absorption in the ultraviolet (UV) light curing equipment after high intensity of ultraviolet light, active free radicals or ion, causing polymerization, crosslinking and grafting reaction, the resin (UV coating, printing ink, adhesive, etc.) in seconds (range) from liquid into solid.

Basic structure: main engine (constant current source + controller) + uv-led module (lamp bead + copper substrate) + quartz glass + aluminum radiator + water/air cooling system.

UVB(315-290nm): uv health lamp, plant growth lamp, medical light therapy (vitiligo), protein analysis and drug research, etc.

Main application band: 310nm

How light therapy works:

1. Stimulate the proliferation and migration of melanocytes. When melanocytes absorb UVB energy, they can also stimulate the activity of tyrosinase, accelerate the oxidation and polymerization of tyrosine, and increase the synthesis of melanin.

2. UVB has immunosuppressive effect, which can prevent the damage of transitional and proliferating melanocytes.

In addition, the ultraviolet phototherapy apparatus is also suitable for the treatment of psoriasis, ectopic dermatitis, pityriasis rosea, eczema, alopecia areata, earthen granuloma, neurodermatitis.

UVC(200-290): surface sterilization, air sterilization, water sterilization, etc.

Main application band: 265nm 275nm.

UVC band by the short wavelengths of ultraviolet ray, high energy, can destroy microbes in a short time the body (such as bacteria, virus, spores pathogens) DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) in the cells or RNA (ribonucleic acid), the molecular structure of the cell cannot regenerate, bacteria and viruses lose self-replicating ability, so the UVC band can be widely used in products such as such as water, air sterilization.

The bactericidal effect is determined by the dose of radiation received by the microorganism, and also by the output energy of ultraviolet light, which is related to the type of lamp, light intensity and use time. As the lamp ages, it will lose 30% to 50% of its intensity.

The ultraviolet irradiation dose refers to the amount of specific wavelength of ultraviolet light required to reach a certain inactivation rate of bacteria: the higher the irradiation dose (J/m) = the irradiation time (s) ×UVC intensity (W/m), the higher the disinfection efficiency. Due to the size requirements of the equipment, the general irradiation time is only a few seconds.

Therefore, the lamp UVC output intensity has become the most important parameter to measure the performance of ultraviolet disinfection equipment.

In urban sewage disinfection, the average irradiation dose is more than 300 J/m.

Below this value, there may be a phenomenon of light resurrection, that is, the bacteria cannot be completely killed, when the outflow from the channel to receive visible light irradiation, re-resurrection, reducing the bactericidal effect.

The higher the sterilization efficiency, the higher the dose required.

The main factor that affects the dose of ultraviolet light received by microorganisms is the transmittance (254-275 nm). When the UVC output intensity and exposure time are fixed, the change of transmittance will cause the change of the actual dose received by microorganisms.

Knowing that UVLED has UVA, UVB, and UVC three types of wavelengths is a big step forward, and then knowing what each one is used in is an expert in the industry.

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