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What is vacuum brazing?What are the characteristics of vacuum brazing?

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Principle of operation brazing is the use of a material with a lower melting point than the base metal as the filler when two materials of the same or different properties are connected.

When the connected part and the filler are heated to the point where the filler melts, the liquid filler is used to moisten and capillary flow in the surface gap of the base metal, and then it dissolves and diffuses with the base metal to achieve the connection between the connected parts.

And vacuum brazing means that the whole brazing process is carried out in the vacuum equipment.

The basic process is as follows: clean the connector, place it in the vacuum equipment, close the door of the furnace and vacuum it.

When the vacuum degree reaches the required vacuum degree for welding (generally 3 ~ 5× 10-3 Pa), temperature will be raised.

When the temperature reaches the brazing temperature, aeration is cooled.

Complete the brazing process in the vacuum furnace.

Characteristics of vacuum brazing compared with the traditional brazing process, vacuum brazing has the following characteristics:

1.Vacuum brazing is especially suitable for the brazing process of two different base materials with large brazing area and long welds.

Its welding quality is good and economical.

2.Vacuum brazing overcomes the process of removing the residual impurities on the surface after welding with the traditional welding method and ensures the surface quality.

3.Vacuum brazing overcomes the defect that it is difficult to purify the residual impurities on the surface of welded parts in gas shielded welding, and greatly improves the welding quality and performance.

4.Vacuum brazing reduces the need for auxiliary equipment (supply detection of protective gas, etc.) in the traditional brazing process, which greatly saves energy and reduces the cost.

5.Vacuum brazing can accurately control the welding temperature, vacuum degree, temperature uniformity in the furnace is good, so the welding quality is good.

6.Vacuum brazing has no pollution to the environment and improves the working conditions.

7.The adoption of intelligent control makes brazing process more perfect, equipment performance more reliable, more convenient to use.

Vacuum brazing equipment

Vacuum brazing equipment is mainly used for brazing copper, nickel, gold, stainless steel, high temperature alloys, especially for heat resistant alloys with high content of aluminum and titanium.

Also suitable for titanium, zirconium, niobium, molybdenum and other kinds of refractory alloy or foreign metal welding.

During the welding process, the parts are in the vacuum atmosphere, with the advantages of no oxidation, no pollution and small deformation, and no flux, no porosity, slag, no corrosion of the workpiece, can achieve the efficient means of multi-channel brazing, multiple components with welding.

According to the market demand, the vacuum brazing equipment has vertical, horizontal, open door and bottom door and other forms

Due to its unique technical advantages, vacuum brazing technology has been paid more and more attention by experts in the field of brazing.

In particular, the rapid development of new industries has pushed forward the welding technology.

As a high - tech vacuum brazing technology, but also embodies its technical charm.

Vacuum brazing plays an important role in the manufacturing process of important products in aerospace and nuclear industry.

At present, the application of vacuum brazing technology is indispensable in the manufacturing of microelectronics, large-scale integrated circuits, ceramic materials and composites.

In order to meet the needs of the rapid development of science and technology, zhongke has developed vacuum brazing equipment for different needs.

Such as vacuum eutectic furnace, vacuum return furnace, vacuum welding furnace, vacuum brazing furnace and so on, to solve the different needs of customers.


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