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RS Series vacuum reflow oven RS160

RS Series vacuum reflow oven (RS110/RS160/RS220)
Function Introduction:
1. TORCH promotes a new Vacuum Reflow Oven in RS series which is the third generation of its small Vacuum Reflow Oven. It especially designed for the fields in small batch production, R&D and functional materails test, etc.
RS series Vacuum Reflow Oven is heated in Vacuum environment to realize holesless soldering, can fulfill the test requirement from R&D department and production requirement of small batch.
In general, when soldering, there’re some hollow areas in soldering parts, RS series Vacuum Reflow Oven can minimize the hollows into 2%, the normal oven is nearly 20%.
RS series Vacuum Reflow Oven applicable to fluxless soldering without hollows at solder pot, availbale in various of gases, such as N2, N2/H2 95%/5%.
RS series Vacuum Reflow Oven is not only suitable for fluxless soldering, but also suitable for lead free solder paste or solder slice.
RS series Vacuum Reflow Oven is combined with software control system, easy to operate, you can use the software to control the machine and set the temperature profile as well as modify the programming to meet different solder requirment.
2. RS series vacuum oven is mainly for high-demanding in welding, for example the military products, industrial high reliability product, even the nitrogen protective or the vapor phase soldering can not reach the demand. Like the material testingchip packagepower equipment, automobile product, train control, space and airborne systems etc soldering which need high reliability circuit. It need elimination and reduce the empty and oxidation welding material. How to reduce the voidage effectively, decrease the oxidation of the pad and the component pins? The vacuum oven is the only choice. If you want to achieve the high welding quality, we must need the vacuum oven machine. This is the latest process innovation of military field Germany Japanese and the United Stated etc. 
3. Industry application: RS series vacuum oven is the best choice for R&D, process research and development, material test, device packaging, and it is the best option for high-end development and production in military industrial enterprises, research institute, colleges, universities aerospace.
4. Application areasMainly applied in no defect welding and welding without flux of chips and board, Shell and cover, such as IGBT package, paste crafts, Laser diode packaging technology, Hybrid integrated circuit packages, shell cover Board packaging, MEMS and vacuum packaging
5. Vacuum reflow oven has become the necessary equipment in Military enterprises, aviation, aerospace and other high-end manufacturing for developed countries like Europe and America. And moreover, it has been wide used in chip packing and electric welding field.
1.Soldering under full vacuum. The vacuum value can be up 10-3mba. (10-6-mba optional)
2.Welding environment is with low activity flux.
3.Professional software control can achieve the perfect operating experience.
4.40 industry segments programmable temperature control system can help to set the perfect technology curve.
5.Temperature settings can be adjusted, which can set the welding materials technology curve that is much closer to perfect the process.
6.Water-cooling technology achieves the industry's fastest cooling effect (standard)
7.Online temperature measurement function. Accurate measurement of the weld zone temperature uniformity. Provide professional support for the process of adjustment.
8.Nitrogen or other inert gas can meet the special requirements of the welding process.
9.Highest temperature is 400 (higher optional), which can  meet all the requirements of the soldering process.
10.Allocate five of the industry's most comprehensive system security status monitoring and safety protection design (weldments overtemperature protection, machine temperature safety protection, safe operation protection, welding cooling water protection, power protection)
one set computer
one set industry control computer
one set temperature control software
one set temperature controllor
one set pressure controllor
one set Inert gas or nitrogen gas control valve
Corrosion resistant diaphragm pump, vacuum 10mba;
Rotary vane pump, used for vacuum of 10-3mba;
Eddy turn molecular pump system, used for vacuum of 10-6mba;
4. Hydrogen and hydrogen-type safety device
5. High Temperature Module (500 degree high temperature)

Technology Parameters:
Model: RS160
Soldering Size: 160mm*160mm
Furnace height: 40mm(other Hights is optional)
Temperature Range: Up to 400
Connector: Serial 485 network / USB
Control Way: 40 segments Temperature control + Vacuum Pressure Control
Temperature curve: can store several curves Temperature of 40 segments
Voltage: 220V 28A
Rated Power: 11KW
Actual Power: 8KWDon't choose a vacuum pump; 10KWconfigurate  molecular pump
Dismension: 450*450*1300mm
The maximum heating rate:120/min
The maximum cooling rate:80k/min
Cooling Way:Air-Cooled / Water-Cooled




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  • Add:Star City International Mansion A-6D,jiuxianqiao A NO.10,Chaoyang District,Beijing China 
    Zip/Post Code:100016 


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