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Automatic high speed visional pick&place machine TP60V

TP series is a fully automatic vision SMT pick and place machine, it can mount a variety of components through the vacuum nozzle can be mounted .it is the most cost effective automatic placement equipment on recently market.This machine is suit for most of the SMD components, such as 0402,SOIC,PLCC and QFP IC; With the vision position system, meet the needs of mounting high precision 0.5mm of QFP IC or BGA . Beside the standard circle reference point, the square ,which is not the PCB solder paste screen printing pad ring perforated pad, can also be as a reference point to know.


   1. Using imported precision square rail, effectively improve the placement accuracy.
   2. Using an unique high-definition optical prism industrial cameras to complete mount high-precision components.
   3. With the vision position system, can automatically identify the MARK point, effectively improve SMT production efficiency and placement accuracy.
   4. Automatic visional programming, it is no need to input the coordinates of components by manual, programming is simple, easy to learn for beginners and it is convenient and practical.
   5. Standard configuration of automatic nozzle replacement system.
   6. Cost-effective automatic placement machine, it is most suitable for mass production in middle scale and personal use.
   7. Standard configuration: 4 set visional system, 9 nozzles, 96 feeders table.
   8. Drive by servo motor with high precision ball screw to achieve, you can complete the duplication of high precision components mount.
   9. Configure variety feeders to meet different mounting of mounting.
   10. Configure the special industrial computer with special software, easy to operate.
   11.Easy to input the CAD of the PCB。
   12. Can complete the program and mount the Circuit board puzzle stably and simplify.
   13. The software can display all the puzzle coordinates, and fine tuning some of the coordinates. To achieve high precision placement
   14. You can set the spacing of each puzzle in the software, and display all the coordinates of discharging based on the distance, also can choose the puzzle no needing to mount in the puzzle.
   15. If the circuit board processing have quality problems, can leak location to improve the overall shift.
   16. The software can automatically optimize the function of head。
   17. Software adds multi-speed transmission features, you can find the best speed through check the moving table and set the speed, so that can increase the stability of the machine in long-time usage.
   18. With a high degree of automatic detection and alarm failed components picked up can effectively improve the production quality control.
   19. Components shortage alert, suitable for no body in the mass production.
   20. Top safety function
   Standard configuration
   1. Industrial Computer 1 suit
   2. Mounting head 1 groups
   3. Nozzle 9 pcs
   4. GFTA-48 feeder table2 set
   5. MARK camera 2sets
   6. QFP high precision industrial camera 1set
   7. QFP high clear light source 2 set
   Optional part
   1. Automatic feeder 8mm, 12mm, 16mm and 24mm
   2. IC Disc Feeder(GFQN)
   3. Components bulk disk(GFSN)
   4. Nozzle
   5. AQ38 end mirror system(25MM-38MM QFP)
   6. AQ45 end mirror system(38MM-45MM QFP)
   7. industrial air pump





           Mounter head


           1 unit- 6 heads


           Max PCB board




           Mini PCB width




           Thickness range




           Max move range




           Z axis move range




           Component max thickness




           Typical speed




           Max speed




           X,Y axis






           Mount precision




           Position manner


           Visional position


           Component available


           Above 0402 and less than 38 mm pitch ,more than 0.5mm IC


           Programme method


           Automatic data import / video learning / keyboard input




           XY-axis high precision ball screw with precision guide


           Tape feeder


           Optional 8mm,12mm,16mm,24mm,32mm,44mmfeeder


           Feeder No.


           Can be put 96 pcs of 8MM GFTA-08S feeder,the front
           and back can be put 48pcs


           IC feeder NO.


           No more than 2 pcs


           Operation system


           WINDOWS XP


           Compressed air


           80psi(0.5Mpa-0.7Mpa),flue no more than100L/min


















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  • Add:Star City International Mansion A-6D,jiuxianqiao A NO.10,Chaoyang District,Beijing China 
    Zip/Post Code:100016 


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